MATERIALS Buttweld Fittings      
  S/5, S/10, S/20, S/40, S/80, S/120, S/160, S/XXH
T304/H LR & SR 90's, Tees, 45's, Laterals, Crosses, Caps, Stub-Ends (Type A,B,&C MSS, ASA)
T304/L 180 Deg. Return Bend, Reducing LR 90 Deg, Reducing Tee, Reducing Cross
T310 Flanges
T316/H Raised Face, Flat Face, 125-250 RMS Finish 150#, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#
T316/L      Blind         Spec. Blind
T317/L      Weld neck           (Reducing Sizes Available) 
T321      Slip-on                 (Reducing Sizes Available)
T321H      Socket Weld        (Reducing Sizes Available)
T347      Long Weld Neck   (Reducing Sizes Available)
T904L Nipples
  S/10, S/40, S/80, S/160, S/XXH All Kinds of End Connections
Alloy 20 Swage Nipples 
Carbon Steel S/10, S/40, S/80, S/160, S/XXH All Kinds of End Connections
Chrome Moly Pipe
Duplex Stainless Welded     Up to 60"
Forged Steel Seamless  Up to 12"
Hastelloy B&C
Incoloy Pressure Fittings      
Inconel 150# Cast & Bar 
Monel 2000#, 3000#, 6000#, 9000#
Nickel 90's, Tees, 45's, Reducing Couplings, Full Couplings, Half Coulplings  
  Threadolets, Hex Head Plugs, Square Head Plugs, Round Head Plugs,
SERVICES Hex Bushings, Unions, Laterals, Crosses, Inserts,  Weldolets, Lateralotes, Sockolets,
Machine Shop Tubing   
Oxygen Cleaning Welded - 1/16" OD thru 6" OD
X-Ray Seamless - 1/16" OD thru 6" OD
  Available Bright Annealed, Annealed & Pickled, Coiled Tubing available
  Tubing Supports, Tubing Clamps, and Instrument Stands
  Tube Fittings & Valves  (Single and Double Ferrule)    
  Compression, NPT, Socketweld & Buttweld Ends 1/2"  thru 2"
  Needle, Ball, Check, Plug, Globe, Relief, Toggle, Piston
  2-Valve Manifolds, 3-Valve Manifolds, 5-Valve Manifolds, Gauge/Root Valves,  
  Block & Bleed, Purge Valves
  1/4" Thru 24", Threaded, Socketweld, B/W Ends, Flanged End, Gate, Globe, Angle, Check
  Ball, Plug, Butterfly, Pressure Seal, Bellow Seal, Diaphragm, Relief, Steam Traps